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Assets of Community Value

The FSA are the leading experts in assisting Supporters Trusts and Sports Clubs to list their stadiums as an Asset of Community Value.

Community Right to Bid is part of a set of powers giving communities more control over what happens in their area and the important local amenities of value to them.

Rights are contained within the Localism Act 2011 which devolves power from government to communities, local authorities and individuals.

If you have any questions about Assets of Community Value or want to find out how you can list your sports stadium as an Asset of Community Value with your local council contact our Network Managers for assistance.

ACV Application Guidance

The local authority will determine the format of the ACV list, any modifications made to any of the entries on the list and any removal of an entry from the list.

Each local authority has their own application method so you will have to check with your local authority to find out exactly the information required.

Below we have detailed a brief overview of the process.

The regulations set out what is required in a nomination, as follows:

  • A description of the nominated building or land including its proposed boundaries.
  • A statement of all the information which the nominator has with regard to the names of the current occupants of the land and the
    names and current or last known addresses of all those holding a freehold or leasehold stake in the land.
  • The nominator’s reasons for thinking that the asset is of community value; and
  • Evidence that the nominator is eligible to make a community nomination.

Once a nomination is made, the council will have up to eight weeks to decide whether or not to list the asset. The council must decide which nominations are eligible to be listed.

The council must give notice that it intends to list the asset to:

  • The owner
  • The occupier (if the occupier is not also the owner)
  • A parish council if any of the land is in the parish council’s area.
  • The nominating body If a nomination is not approved, the council must write to the nominator and give the reasons why.

There is no right of appeal against the council’s decision.

There is also an eight-week period during which the owner can request a review of the decision.

The review must be carried out within eight weeks of the asset being listed and if the decision is still to list the asset, the owner has a right of appeal to a First Tier Tribunal.

If listed, the asset will remain on the list for a maximum of five years, at which point it can be re-nominated and re-listed subject to local interest and continued compliance with the definition of an asset of community value.

In terms of maintaining the list, if the asset was included in the list in response to a community nomination, the council must give written notice of the asset’s removal from the list to the person who made the nomination.

ACV Renewal

Assets only remain on the register for a maximum of five years. To ensure ongoing protection of the asset you will need to reapply for it to go back on the register.

Examples of reapplication and council response can be found below.

ACV Renewal Example – Edgeley Park 2018

Edgeley Park Stadium Decision Notification Example 2018


For more detailed guidance on ACV’s check out our Community Right to Bid – Full Guidance paper or visit


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