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Developing Engagement

The FSA work with supporters’ organisations and clubs to create strong lasting mechanisms for engagement, that improve communication, decision making and trust.

Greater supporter involvement provides the potential for a club to better understand its supporters and to better leverage those relationships in furtherance of its financial, social and community objectives.

Supporter involvement can occur in different forms and for different reasons.

In 2016 following a Government led group the English Premier League and the English Football League committed to a minimum level of structured dialogue between club leaders and supporters. 

Although this represented a landmark moment, we continue to work with all parties who want to push the boundaries and take those standards further, as this is only a minimum level of what could be achieved.

For example there are Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s), which lay out the structure and nature of the relationship between supporters and their club, as well as fan elected directors who operate on the club board holding positions that go beyond the structured dialogue commitments and then the pinnacle of ultimate supporter engagement are Community Owned Clubs who are owned and run equally by their fans.

We have produced guidance on all levels and types of engagement. You can read through our archived guidance ENGAGE! How clubs can win with football supporters to look at all types of potential engagement and get some handy tips and templates.

The guidance covers all aspects of the pyramid of engagement from general fan engagement right through to supporter ownership and includes some great tools, document examples and templates for clubs and supporters groups to use or take inspiration from.

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