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Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a document signed between a professional sports club and their Supporters Trust.

The document is not legally binding but commits both parties to share relevant information and discuss issues of mutual concern during regular meetings.

The agreement sits within the public domain and is a voluntary agreement between club and stakeholder and helps formalise the relationship between the parties.

The next step after engaging in an MoU is for a legal agreement to be signed between the two interested parties.

There have been a number of high-profile MOU signings recently, most prominently between Fulham, Nottingham Forest and Norwich.

To look at a complete example of an MOU you can check out the one which Norwich produced.

Next Steps

So, you like the idea of putting in place a Memorandum of Understanding between your Supporters Trust and the club?

Now you need to look at the practical steps you need to take to make sure this method is right for you and that it captures and addresses all of the elements which are important to your supporters.

We have put together the below simple four step guide to help trusts get the ball rolling on their MOU projects.

Step 1

Work out what’s important to you. What would build trust and help manage expectation?

Is it being notified if the club was up for sale? Is it changes to the club crest? Being consulted on league/F.A. club consultations?

Step 2 

Meet with the club and share your thoughts and see what’s important for them in building a partnership.

Step 3

Use the MOU template and add in anything that isn’t captured or contact your Network Manager for their help preparing a draft.

Step 4

Get all parties to sign the MOU and promote it, so everyone knows what to expect.


MOU Template

Norwich MOU Example

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