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This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.


Against League 3 (AL3) is a fan run campaign launched in opposition to the FA Commission’s proposals to introduce Premier League and Championship ‘B’ teams into the English football pyramid. AL3 has the support of the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct. Find out more below and sign the petition here


We feel the proposals would be damaging to all levels of our national game, with lower league clubs seemingly expected to pay for years of failings from the elite in our game, and poor performances from the national side.

As well as League 3, we also firmly stand against the idea of Strategic Loan Partnerships. We feel this is a subtle route to introduce feeder clubs for the benefit of Premier League sides. Lower league clubs should be encouraged to produce young talent, not carry the burden.

30,000 fans have now signed our petition against these proposals. The petition has been signed by supporters of a large number of clubs, representing the majority of English competitive levels. We have received support from across the game, from Premier League fans, to regional league/county fans.

Page 59 of the FA Report talks of “collaboration, discussion and compromise”. There has been no discussion with fans, we see no evidence of compromise from the upper echelons of the game, and the only collaborate that we’re witnessing is the mounting campaign against the worst of these proposals.

All we ask for, as a group of fans, is fair representation in the game that we love. In that respect, we must insist that these proposals do not go ahead. We accept there are credible ideas within the FA Report but League 3 – and its associated proposals – is not one of them.

The longer the fans continue to be ignored the louder we will become.

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