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Diouf must spit out the truth on Goodison incident

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Every week we have our own column in the Daily Mirror’s Saturday Mania section giving us the chance to voice the fans’ consensus on the day’s hot potatoes and highlight issues which could otherwise slip by.

We’re not sure how many of you out there are regular Mirror readers so we’ve decided to reproduce the occasional piece on site for FSF members. We would post up every week’s column but it’s such a popular selling point for the Mirror we fear their sales may collapse if people know they can read our incoherent ramblings on our site for free. Or it could be because we’re normally in a post-weekend haze for most of Monday and might forget.

The FSF Fans’ Forum column from Saturday’s Daily Mirror Mania:

Here at FSF Towers we’ve been bombarded with messages from outraged Everton supporters about the incident between Blackburn Rovers player El-Hadji Diouf and an Everton ball-boy at the recent Everton-Rovers game at Goodison Park.

Diouf is alleged to have told the ball boy to, “F**k off, white boy!” in the first half of the game when Diouf apparently didn’t approve of the way the ball was returned to him by the thirteen year old ball-boy. Diouf has since alleged that it was he who was the victim of racist abuse, saying that he was pelted with bananas at the Gwladys Street end.

El-Hadji Diouf has never been the most sympathetic and engaging of characters. To say he has a short fuse would be an under-statement. He seems capable of blowing up at the most trivial perceived slight. The fact that he’s on his seventh club in eleven years says it all really.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re one hundred percent against any form of racism. If Diouf’s allegations have any truth to them they should result in punishment for those responsible.

Equally if the allegations that Diouf racially insulted a thirteen year old boy prove to be true then the FA should drop on him like a ton of bricks. Likewise if his allegations of banana throwing prove to be false.

FSF FOOTBALL WALLY OF THE WEEK – Cristiano Ronaldo for throwing the toys out of the pram when substituted for Real Madrid against Xerez last weekend. Grow up!

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