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“Exploiting our loyalty” – Spurs under fire over matchday pricing

Tottenham Hotspur are under fire from their own fans who have criticised the club for “exploiting our loyalty” with the planned 2023-24 matchday ticket prices.

Supporters are now putting pressure on the club and have begun planning demonstrations over matchday ticket prices before their first home game of the season against Manchester United on Saturday 19th August.

At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, matchday ticket prices have increased from between £3 and £15 for Category B and Category C games, and between £10 and £17 for Category A games, raising the top price for a single match to an eye-watering £103.

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) say they now have some of the most expensive matchday ticketing around and say the club is aware the hikes “cannot be justified”.

THST said: “The move was made without any consultation with supporters or fan groups and was immediately opposed by the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust and then every elected member of the new Fan Advisory Board at its first meeting in July.

“Ticket prices at the club are already amongst the most expensive in the Premier League and Europe.

“To make matters worse, full details were hidden in a general statement released by the club, indicating it is fully aware the decision cannot be justified.”

Ticket prices have been a hot topic this summer with most clubs across the Premier League and EFL choosing to raise prices amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis.

THST say the rises at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will see tickets in cheaper sections of the ground replaced alongside an erosion of concessionary pricing areas for younger and older fans.

The group is calling on Spurs fans to join them in a demonstration ahead of the game against Manchester United in just over two weeks time, as well as keeping the pressure up on the club on social media.

“If these rises are not opposed, we believe there will be more to come,” THST said. “This is clearly unacceptable so any price increases must be resisted.

“Our loyalty is being exploited. Ticket price increases are not an economic necessity for the ninth richest club in world football. They are a choice: a choice the club’s board has chosen to make against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis with prices already sky high.

“We therefore call on all Spurs fans to join us in telling the club: enough is enough.”

Elsewhere – trouble at Villa Park

In the midlands, Aston Villa are also in the spotlight over the pricing of its new Terrace View section which costs a staggering £1,500, all against the backdrop of a 15% across the board hike in season ticket prices.

And Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust say the club is handling renewals extremely poorly – delaying sales and renewals in cheaper areas of the ground to push supporters towards the more expensive, renovated Terrace View section.

“We believe the sole reason the club is blocking seats is to use them as a bargaining tool in an attempt to sell places in the Terrace View,” they said.

“Our investigations show that the club has been going down the waiting list for season ticket holders, which numbers over 30,000, and offering the £1,500 Terrace View places, a way of jumping the queue for match tickets.”

The trust say they have serious concerns about how the club is being run off the pitch and have requested a meeting with the club’s hierarchy to discuss its communication.

“This evidence is a damning indictment of the club and how it is being run away from the pitch, specifically in the ticket office and commercial areas,” they said.

“We feel many loyal fans will share our outrage that this can go on at our club, especially given the loyalty shown in the not-too-distant past when we were languishing in the Championship.

“We believe the club has abused its relationship with fans, alienated season ticket holders and members. More importantly, it undermines their loyalty to the club.”

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