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This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

Regular Extra Time readers – or anyone who wastes time online – will be more than familiar with THAT famous throw-in. Schoolboy match + long throw = pain. Let’s be honest, the older among us remember it all first time round with Newcastle’s Steve Watson as well. But who would’ve thought it would catch on in the USA? If you hate any game other than football turn away now as we don’t want you to burn your eyes watching basketball, but check out this kid’s throw, not bad at all.

Back to football and we think this is just about the fastest red card we’ve ever seen. If you can find anything quicker than 10 seconds email Fan Mail and we’ll stick it in here next month.

More Youtube crazyness and if the last red card was the fastest we’ve seen this (18 seconds or so in) has to be one of the most obvious – it’s closer to assault than a tackle. Bit of a cowardly one as well isn’t it? It was no Boris Johnson moment though. Whatever your politics you just couldn’t imagine a tackle like that from Red Ken, could you?

One for all the students/retired out there next – back in the UK and Matt Le Tissier not only found time to try and buy Southampton FC but also got himself a nice guest appearance in Dictionary Corner on Countdown. If he wanted to conundrum himself apparently Le Tissier is an anagram of sterilise too.

In other news, you may well have watched the Confederations Cup and thought what the hell is that racket? We certainly did, it drove us mad. Apparently it’s not a mosquito the size of a house ready to attack the players, although that would have definitely made Extra Time. Nope, it’s the rather less b-movie vuvuzela which is apparently a traditional South African airhorn.

Apparently FIFA’s Sepp Blatter doesn’t want to ban it but for once we think we’re on the side of the TV companies who definitely do. You can hear them on this clip and if you haven’t got sound imagine something like a swarm of bees inside your ear. Awful.

Until next time, buzz off.

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