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Extra Time!

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

Welcome to another instalment of Extra Time, and before we get into the usual time-wasting of amazing goals, slapstick defending and general comedy from the world of football, we feel it’s only right to do a bit of a public service announcement. With the start of the new season almost upon us, we feel we should remind you that football can be a painful business, even for the fan. We’re not talking stress and heartache, we’re talking very real pain. Just ask this German fan.

On the pitch, footballers continue to be their usual ridiculous selves – (fat) Ronaldo shows us that even when you’re a former world player of the year, it doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to take a free-kick. And while that might’ve been embarrassing for the big man, at least he can dress himself. Our pals at OffThePost found this clip from the Japanese leagues of someone who clearly still needs his mother to check what he’s wearing before he leaves the house (or the dressing room, in this case), as Marquinhos has taken to the pitch with his shorts inside out, much to the hilarity of his team-mate.

From shorts to short tempers, and Mexico boss Javier Aguirre. Here he shows rare leadership from the dugout, by trying to tackle the opposition winger as he runs in front of him. Makes Martin O’Neill’s sending off in the Peace Cup pre-season friendly look pretty tame, actually.

Elsewhere, it’s not just the ridiculous that’s been catching our eyes this month – some people say that great football can be a work of art, but this guy takes that idea a bit too literally. He turns an elephant into Pele. Yes, you read that right. Now watch the clip and it’ll all make sense. On the pitch, there’s not much we can say about this goal from Falcao, apart from no, it’s not THE Falcao, but it’s a fantastic piece of skill nonetheless.

And last, but by absolutely no means least, we go out on a high – Sepp Blatter falling on his backside. Feel free to watch this one again and again. We certainly will.

Till next month, cheerio!

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