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In a world of people who take things far too seriously Jimmy Bullard shines out like a beacon. In honour of his Eastlands escapades we shed light on the greatest celebrations in football history and list our top five Jimmy Bullard moments.

While the Hull team’s celebration might have been the most inventive, not to mention funniest, that we can remember we thought it’d be worth a run down of the best and worst celebrations we’ve come across. Drum roll…

  • The team award – They say you’re at your most vulnerable after you’ve just scored. We always thought it was some daft cliché but this bunch of knackers certainly do their best to prove it true.
  • The pretend you didn’t actually celebrate award – watch that net ripple. Except it didn’t.
  • The drunk award (Gazza’s Euro 96 effort doesn’t count as he was sober, suprisingly) – Stuart McCall does every alkie in the UK proud 30 seconds or so into this clip.
  • The Superman Award – flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
  • The no man could have two entries in this award, could he? category goes to Zenden parts one and two.
  • The Pippo Inzaghi award for ‘being offside and not realising it’ goes to Didier Drogba.
  • Most widely copied and annoying award goes to Bebeto if you can stand seeing it again.
  • Coolest – Marco Tardelli.
  • Combined maddest and baldest – Ketsbaia!
  • Class A referencing award – Robbie Fowler.
  • And if that’s not enough celebrations for you we suggest you seek medical help, or check this seemingly never ending collection of players acting like planks.

Phew, that was a lot of goals, we feel slightly dizzy now and have to get off to listen to the World Cup draw anyway which is about to happen any second!

To finish off as promised, here is our top five Jimmy Bullard moments:

5. Bullard does naked go-karting in the Wigan changing room. Odd.
4. Would you fancy a scrap with Duncan Ferguson?
3. Dive!
2. Jimmy films his Premier League profile shot.
1. And at number one with a bullet, it had to be…

Until next month, cheers!


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