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This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

From philandering footballers to battered and bruised mascots, it’s all here in Extra Time! our look at all the weird and wonderful things which have hit our inbox over tha last month.

It certainly wasn’t a good month to be a mascot (or footballer’s wife but more on them later) as our weirdly attired friends (mascots not Wags) took a pounding from all sides (again, we’re talking mascots not Wags here).

It’s a bit of a tradition at the Colchester-Southend derby for the clubs’ respective mascots to have a race round the pitch and raise a few quid for charity in the process. What’s funnier than folk in stupid mascot suits running? Well, since you should ask, folk in stupid mascot suits running full pelt into a stanchion behind the goal and almost knocking themselves out in the process is definitely funnier.

Weirdly enough that game also featured one of last month’s best comedy goals. He’s got it, he’s covered it, he’s going to clear it. Oops, no he isn’t.

Mascots have been taking a pummeling all around the world actually, check out this belting strike by Cruzeiro’s Roger. He’s not content with running into the crowd and celebrating with his team’s fans, oh no, along the way he only goes and steals the mascots head. To add insult to injury the decapitated bear (or is it a dog?!) then falls over like a disorientated Paul Alcock.

Disorientation in South America seems to be catching on, it’s not just mascots who can’t stand up either, check out this Brazilian commentator. In fact, judging by Almaar’s defence the disease might have already found it’s way to Europe.

Anyway, we promised you some Wag action and Wag action you shall get. Obviously it wasn’t a smooth month for marital relations in the Chelsea defence what with John Terry and Ashley Cole’s inability to keep their trousers on. We’re sure you, like us, have heard more than enough on that already though, especially with the controversy that was Handshake-gate this weekend. But John Terry’s supposed Facebook update was still worth a laugh…

That’s almost it for Extra Time! except for this plug for one of the most inventive acts of Wikipedia vandalism we’ve seen yet. Hats off to whoever did the last update on ex-Newcastle and Everton star Steve Watson for letting us all know that “in an unprecedented move, after retiring from football, Watson started his own television listings magazine using a clever play on words entitled Steve, Wot’s on?” Genius.

Look out for Extra Time! in a fortnight and if you made it this far you might also want to check out The Week That Was our weekly round up of football news posted every Friday afternoon at



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