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This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

Money’s tight. Nations are going bust. Banks are going, erm, bankrupt. But it will be of great relief to all fans out there to know that at least agents and footballers can splash the cash, check out David Bentley betting his agent’s £15,000 watch that he can kick a ball in a skip. And he does! We wouldn’t have been very happy if that was our van parked next to it though.

We see so many ‘virals’ – basically adverts dressed up as Youtube links – that it’s hard to know which ones are real. We think the previous one was, primarily because it gives people the chance to have a pop at agents (and we weren’t likely to turn that down) although we’re not sure about the next one. We hope it’s genuine. Witness Wayne Rooney being megged in a Nike video by an unknown, he takes it in good spirit though, and apparently sorted the lad some Old Trafford tickets. It is amazingly similar to this basketball story from last year though. Hhhhmmm…

Meanwhile in Germany Mario Gomez, previously known for one of the worst misses of all time, took one for the team in VfB Stuttgart’s hefty defeat to Bayern Munich. We’re guessing open goals aren’t the only thing he’s missing now.
With diving back in the news following Ronaldo’s tumble at Old Trafford against Blackburn we thought it the perfect opportunity to shoehorn in a random video of the worst dives ever. All pretty entertaining, although we do apologise for the Star Wars meets acoustic guitar sound track which is odd and a little bit disturbing. It freaked Jens Lehmann out so much he’s taken to stealing his mate’s headband and throwing opponents boots away. Good old Jens, what a tinker.

And to round up the month, six-year-old Madin Mohammed just looks ridiculously good. We genuinely hope his feet are kept on the ground though. The vultures/agents are no doubt circling already…

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