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Fans for Diversity fund: Make your idea a reality

Since its inception, Fans for Diversity has helped establish more than 150 fan groups across the country and continues to assist supporters during the pandemic.

The campaign’s work has expanded rapidly since 2014 to cover all diversity strands so that fans from all walks of life feel confident coming to us for help with their initiatives.

We also have a fund available to provide financial help to supporter groups, big and small, which provides grants to run diversity-themed activities or create resources at clubs in the professional game and at non-league level.

Croydon FC and Croydon Women FC were just one community club that recently benefited from the Fans for Diversity fund, using it to purchase scarves and merchandise that promote diversity across the club.

“The grant has enabled us to buy 50 scarves and by selling them we will be able to purchase other merchandise including woolly hats, just in time for winter,” said Croydon Women FC chair Jason Casey. “It’s a welcome gift that will continue to give and allow us to support our teams.

“Here at Croydon, we encourage equality, diversity and representation across our entire network from the supporters themselves all the way to the top.

“Our coaches and players come from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and is a reflection of the beautiful melting pot that we call home.

“Everyone at Croydon Football Club would like to thank Fans for Diversity for the grant money which helps us to do this and more.”

Want access to funds for an event or resources?

Fans for Diversity is a supporter-led campaign celebrating diversity in the game and we have a budget for club-specific activities – if you have an idea that needs funding we’d love to hear from you.

Email campaign coordinator Anwar Uddin via [email protected] or Maria Ryder via [email protected]

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