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FSA AGM 2020 round-up

Football fans from across the country gathered online back in December for the FSA’s 2020 AGM to discuss another 18 months of campaigning and propose new policies for the organisation on a range of issues affecting match-going fans.

Below is a summary of our most-recent AGM, which due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, was the first to be hosted digitally…

Adoption of the minutes from the June 2019 AGM
Minutes from the June 2019 AGM, which finalised the merger of the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct into a single organisation, were accepted by delegates.

Special resolutions:

Organisational name change
To consider and, if thought fit, pass the name change proposal from The Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation Limited to The Football Supporters’ Association Limited and make the relevant amendment with Companies House.

  • The resolution was passed unanimously.

Constitutional amendments
For the AGM to consider and, if thought fit, pass the Special Resolution regarding the amendments to the constitution as per the attached summary in Appendix 1 and the details provided in the AGM pack circulated in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

  • An amended version of the resolution was passed with the required 75% majority

Establish the women’s game network
To consider and, if thought fit, pass the Special Resolution proposing the creation of a new network covering the women’s game.

  • The resolution was passed unanimously.


The meeting considered the following motions for new areas of FSA policy:

Motion 1: Sustain The Game
The AGM reaffirms its support for the detailed reform proposals approved at the last AGM, and the principles of our “Sustain the Game” campaign, but believes that we must now go further, looking at both short term issues to address the impact of COVID along with a more holistic review of football governance.
To that end the AGM believes:
(i) that our clubs must be protected and to enable this there must be a fundamental reform of football governance and the creation of a regulator with wide-ranging responsibilities and powers which is fully independent of clubs
(ii) that broadcasting revenues should be shared fairly in a way which both strengthens the pyramid and allows for fair competition, allowing promotion and relegation opportunities for all clubs throughout the pyramid.
(iii) that there should be tougher financial controls, to include regular monitoring and appropriate sanctions
(iv) that transparency must apply throughout the game, including, but not restricted to, ownership and financial reporting and sanctioning
(v) that supporters must be considered as key stakeholders both nationally and locally and involved in both operational and strategic decision making at all levels of the game
(vi) that the Government’s promised “fan led review” should be wide-ranging and established very early in 2021.

  • Vote – Motion carried

Motion 2: Fan-led VAR working group
The AGM notes a range of concerns about the operation of VAR at Premier League and cup games in English Football, particularly the negative effect on the experience of supporters present at the games. It therefore resolves to establish a working group with terms of reference to identify specific actions and changes to improve the experience of match-going supporters in this regard, following consultation, through the Premier League network group, with FSA affiliates, associates and individual members. The target date to deliver this action plan is no later than Easter 2021.

  • Vote – motion carried

Motion 3: VAR communication
An opening up of regular two-way communication for the FSA with the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOL) in terms of VAR application and in-stadia communication to match-going football supporters. This will provide a chance – on, ideally a monthly basis – to ask for and receive feedback from PGMOL, unfiltered by the media, to help clarify and address specific fan concerns and point to best practice.

  • Vote – Motion carried


At the AGM various elections for the National Council were concluded.

The election for the representative for associate members was won by Thomas Concannon of Wor Hyem 1892 (Newcastle United), while the four spaces for individual representatives were taken by Christine Seddon, Sarah Stelling, Malcolm Hirst and Martin O’Hara. The vice-chair, Tom Greatrex, was re-elected for a three year term unopposed.

The newly constituted Women’s Network will elect its three representatives to the National Council ahead of the first meeting in 2021 which will take place in late January.

We’d like to place on record our congratulations to those elected, and our thanks to all those who stood for election.

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