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FSA AGM 2020: Submit your motion

Ever asked yourself “Why doesn’t the FSA campaign for X, Y and Z?”, disagreed with something we’ve said or wanted to shape our campaigning?

If so, the solution is a simple one – propose a motion at our AGM and argue its merits. Fellow fans can debate your proposal and either vote it down or pass it, so it becomes official FSA policy.

A good example of motions becoming policy was last year’s AGM where West Ham United Supporters’ Association brought a motion to the conference on paid-for supporter engagement.

WHUISA told the AGM how their club had entered a commercial partnership with crypto-currency platform which provided engagement for Hammers – if they paid.

Conference voted in favour of WHUISA’s motion that reiterated the FSA’s commitment to open engagement between clubs, fans and independent supporter groups. After mounting public pressure West Ham United dropped their partnership with and began the process of creating a new engagement model.

How do I submit a motion?

First-off, anyone submitting a motion has to be a member of the FSA – it’s free to join and takes two minutes, click here to fill out the form.

For a motion to then be accepted for debate it must have both a proposer and a seconder (both will be invited to speak on the matter). So it’s important to engage other fans on the idea – a good starting point may be to talk to your club’s fan groups or test the water on social media.

Any motion should be concise and to-the-point, clearly expressing what it is seeking to achieve, and set out the current situation in relation to that issue – you can expand on specific points in your short speech (you can read more about how to write your motion in the link below).

You should also think about what practical measures the FSA could take to implement your idea. The most utopian and well-meaning ideal might be rejected if it’s deemed to be pie-in-the-sky by your fellow members.

We ask for motions in advance to avoid duplication, to circulate information to members in a timely fashion and to avoid spurious nonsense taking up time on the day. You might think it’s a disgrace that Wham Bars aren’t served at your stadium, but this isn’t the stage for that debate.

The deadline for motions to this year’s AGM is midnight on Thursday 3rd December 2020. Submit by email to: [email protected]

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