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“Make the case to your club” – Man City fans’ make safe standing call to arms

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As the safe standing section at Celtic continues to impress people across the football industry, Manchester City’s 1894 Group are urging fans to take the case directly to their own clubs, here they tell us more…

If there is one lesson from history we as fans can remember, it’s nothing changes unless we get off our backsides and challenge authority.

From fighting ID cards. to perimeter fencing or more recently ticket prices for away fans and the justice campaign for Hillsborough victims.

All of these meant fans came together with the same voice. All with a consistent message to all levels of authority that we would not be going away on these issues until they were addressed.

This is an area now that we need to make progress on and that is to have safe standing areas introduced into our grounds.

There is overwhelming support for this and the bottom line is that safe standing makes it safer for people who wish to stand (and many of us have stood continuously throughout the era of all seater-stadiums).

It’s also about offering a choice. Those people who wish to sit down can do so without having their view or their enjoyment of the game affected by people who rightly still wish to stand.

A day of joined-up, nationwide action similar to the Twenty’s Plenty day last season would be a good thing. We know it would be successful – the media and the authorities would recognise that the fans are speaking with one voice.

Many of us who speak regularly with our clubs get the feeling that things are changing, that there is a will amongst Premier League clubs to look at it.

If we all press our own clubs, privately and publicly, then in the next year or two we will have safe standing sections. We need to take the argument to all the supporters at our own individual clubs.

We are winning this argument now. There was a time when people shouting for safe standing were regarded as nutters. Not the case now. People have seen it is highly successful all over Europe.

Clubs have their AGMs and if you are able to get a question asked at your club’s AGM, make sure it is about safe standing. Bring it up on radio phone-ins, display banners in the grounds and engage with the media on Twitter to ensure it’s an issue which doesn’t go away.

Let’s make the case for safe standing this season.

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