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Pledgeball: Climate work at Carrow Road

The Football Supporters’ Association partners with Pledgeball as we look to do our bit to tackle the climate crisis and improve things for matchgoing fans. Pledgeball tell us about the good work being done at Carrow Road…

This month here at Pledgeball we are celebrating our partnership with Norwich City and also the work that FSA-affiliates Canaries Trust have been doing around sustainability.

The Canaries Trust have been working hard to encourage and connect with the club to set up sustainable initiatives. These include a range of things such as a recycling bin trial, a travel survey with the club and continuing to encourage their members to seek alternative travel options.

As a group they are also seeking to make Norwich City Women’s games more accessible by working with the club on public transport facilities and feeding back to the club on sustainable catering options seen elsewhere.

They’ve also helped to connect players, such as Todd Cantwell, with organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other charities.

Canaries Trust Board members have been pledging for Norwich City in Pledgeball fixtures with actions pledged including walking to games, using energy-saving bulbs, recycling more and switching from cars to e-scooters.

Pledgeball’s Founder Katie Cross was also at Carrow Road for Green Football Weekend and interviewed live on Sky Sports about sustainability.

Norwich City fan? Get involved

Norwich City have a couple of Pledgeball fixtures coming up including the Norwich City Women against Chesham United and Norwich City under-21s game against Aston Villa. You can do your bit and pledge here.

Tim Krul talks Norwich City and sustainability:

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