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Reasons to join the FSF – the safe standing campaign

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

The safe standing campaign is the longest running FSF campaign, and we’d bet it’s the reason a good number of you heard about us in the first place.

It has a simple aim: to persuade the Government to change existing laws, and to convince football authorities and clubs to accept the case for introducing, on a trial basis, limited sections of standing areas at grounds in the Premier League and Championship.

Why does the FSF back safe standing?

The FSF represents more than 500,000 individual and affiliate members throughout England and Wales. As an organisation we do our best to reflect fans’ opinion and the issue of standing at football (or rather the lack of it, in the top two divisions) comes up more than just about any other.

Safe standing enjoys widespread popular support – nine out of ten supporters back the choice to sit or stand (according to our National Survey in 2012).  Poll after poll, whether nationally or at club level, shows similar support.

Every week thousands of fans stand in seated areas supporting the team they love – they deserve proper safe areas in which to do so.

If you agree with us, and with the majority of your fellow fans, then join the FSF (for free) and add your voice to the growing movement that’s seen great progress in recent years.


Since 2002, the campaign has made huge strides – particularly in the last five years. In 2011, the Liberal Democrats included it as a general election manifesto commitment, and in 2013 it became official Football League policy to support its introduction. The Scottish Premiership back it as well, and Celtic Park now has the first rail-seating area operating in the UK.

A whole host of clubs have indicated their support for safe standing publicly, with clubs like Aston Villa and West Brom indicating they are willing to host a pilot scheme, while many more are in favour behind the scenes.

Brighton & Hove Albion chief executive Paul Barber said: “Over the last year or so my position has shifted quite a lot – from being someone who was quite sceptical about it to being someone who’s much more in favour of it.

“It’s certainly a system that is safe and is working.”

There are countless other examples of clubs being won over.

 Safe standing and you

If you want to stand at the match, or even if you don’t but believe fans should be given the choice to do so, in safety – then join the FSF. Strength comes in numbers and it’s important that fans who are passionate about safe standing get involved.

Our campaign is focused on winning political and football industry support. As an FSF member we can give you advice on how to lobby your club and your elected representatives on the issue.

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