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Round-up: FSA AGM 2021

Football fans from across the country gathered online last week for the FSA’s 2021 AGM to discuss another 12 months of campaigning and propose new policies for the organisation on a range of issues affecting match-going fans.


Adoption of the minutes from the December 2020 AGM

Minutes from the December 2020 AGM, the FSA’s first full AGM as a newly-created organisation, were accepted by delegates.

Other special resolutions

Annual report & auditors
To receive and adopt the annual Report and financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2020 together with the auditors’ report thereon. (Resolution 2). And to appoint the auditors to report on the annual report and financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2021. Both resolutions were passed unanimously.

Note on EFL’s iFollow
To receive a note from the chair on iFollow and the 3pm Saturday blackout arrangement. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Board appointment
To ratify the appointment of Sachin Patel as an FSA Board member. The resolution was passed unanimously.


The meeting considered the following motions for new areas of FSA policy:

Motion 1: Sustainability
The FSA recognise the wider climate emergency and the concern of supporters regarding the environmental impact of professional sport. Football clubs have the influence to be a force for change by making a positive impact on their own direct CO2 emissions but also through promoting behavioural change amongst match going supporters. However, many clubs do not have a published sustainability policy and are still not publicly reporting on their environmental impact with associated data. This AGM resolves to engage directly with the FA, Premier and Football League with the aim to campaign for all clubs to develop, and publish, a sustainability policy. This policy should include a plan for achieving Net Zero Carbon emissions in line with, or ahead, of UK Government policy. We also call for all clubs to participate in independent external sustainability benchmarking by the commencement of season 2022-23.

Vote – Motion carried

Motion 2: Alcohol in stadiums
Reaffirms its opposition to legislation that discriminates specifically against football supporters and criminalises behaviour that is tolerated for other sports and social settings. Welcomes the possibility of the abolition or relaxation of current legislation that prohibits the consumption of alcohol in football stadiums (specifically when a football match is taking place) and on transport to and from football match destinations In the event of legislative change, calls on clubs to engage fully with their own fan base and supporter groups to jointly agree, implement and enforce appropriate alcohol policies in their stadiums.

Vote – Motion carried

Motion 3: Ethical procurement
We propose that all FSA affiliate and associate members be asked to use their best endeavours to ensure that an ethical procurement policy with particular reference to kit and clothing manufacture, is implemented. The AGM asks that FSA staff work with Labour Behind the Label to develop a policy template for consideration by clubs.

Vote – Motion carried

Motion 4: Amnesty International changes to Premier League rules
Following the decision of the English Premier League (EPL) to authorise the takeover of Newcastle United by a consortium including significant involvement from a Saudi Arabian investment fund, many concerns have been expressed, inside and outside of football, about the poor human rights record of Saudi Arabia and the implications of that takeover for our national game. These human rights concerns are shared by many of our members. We oppose any outright purchase or acquisition of the majority ownership of a football club, directly or indirectly, by anyone who might reasonably be regarded as seeking to disguise or detract from significant breaches of human rights or other serious criminal behaviour – a practice often referred to as ‘sports washing’ – be that by a nation state, sovereign wealth fund, consortium, individuals or other entities or groups. We note and support Amnesty International’s proposed changes to the rules of the EPL, which seek to equip them to restrict the involvement of people and institutions complicit in serious breaches of human rights and who might bring the League, a club or the game generally into disrepute. (A copy of their paper is attached.) We therefore resolve to ask the EPL, the English Football League and the Football Association to take account of Amnesty’s suggestions and to amend their rules accordingly.

Vote – Motion carried


At the AGM, various elections for the National Council were concluded.

This year, the position of chair, which Malcolm Clarke has held since the merger of the FSF and Supporters Direct, was open for election as Malcolm’s first term had come to an end. There were no nominations forthcoming to oppose Malcolm and, following an affirmative vote, he was elected to serve a further three year term.

The election for two representatives from the associate member tier (non-democratically structured fan organisations) saw two nominations received and, following affirmative votes, Ally Simcock from A Pint of Vale was re-elected and Tracy Brown from Chelsea Pride was elected for the first time. The terms for each will be decided by drawing lots at a forthcoming National Council meeting.

Three vacancies were available for representatives from the Individual Member tier, with six candidates standing. Pete Daykin secured the most votes and consequently the longest, three-year term on the Council whilst Anielka Pieniazek and Geoff Bielby each secured two-year terms.

We’d like to place on record our congratulations to those elected and our thanks to all those who stood for election.


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