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The FSA partners with Pledgeball

The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) has partnered with Pledgeball as we look to do our bit to tackle the climate crisis and improve things for match-going fans in 2022.

Pledgeball has already teamed up with Bristol City and Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association – and we look forward to supporting the rollout of many more initiatives across the country.

Both the FSA and Pledgeball believe that football can be an enormous force for good. The passion and stubborn drive that helps supporters keep the faith during bad times is also the energy needed to drive positive change and reduce the game’s carbon footprint.

Can football really consider itself at the forefront of the green agenda if it allows games to be broadcast at time when it is impossible for match-going fans to use public transport? The inevitable consequence of putting broadcasters before fans is more car journeys. Change is needed.

Is it really necessary for clubs to replace their kit every season? Considering the popularity of replica shirts the level of waste is staggering. Why can’t clubs keep their kits for two or even three seasons?

How many clubs have a published sustainability policy? The FSA will engage the FA, Premier League and EFL to explore this and aim for net zero carbon emissions in line with Government policy.

Pledgeball will work with club-specific supporters’ groups to rally their fans while, at a national level, the FSA holds leagues and clubs to account when it comes to the impact of commercial decisions on the environment. The FSA believes that football must invest in sustainability.

The FSA’s Ashley Brown said: “Supporters groups across the country can all play a part in that by speaking to their clubs and supporting the FSA at a national level as we engage the FA, Premier League and EFL, to encourage them to strive for net zero carbon emissions and increase transport options for fans.

“We look forward to developing those new campaign areas and working with Pledgeball to help rollout more localised initiatives across the country via the FSA’s affiliated supporter groups.”

What is Pledgeball?

Pledgeball is a research-driven organisation that rallies football fans to bring about change to help to preserve our planet – and supporters can make lifestyle pledges via the Pledgeball website.

The FSA and its affiliated / associated organisations have a membership total of around half-a-million and Pledgeball points out that if every member reduced their thermostat to 19°C the amount of carbon emissions saved is equal to taking more than 32,000 cars off the road.

Katie Cross, founder of Pledgeball, said: “The football fan community is unparalleled in its potential to drive change: the impact this community could have on the biggest challenge we have ever faced, one that will affect all that we care about from families to football, is huge.

“I am delighted to be working with the FSA and its members to drive this change.”

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