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Twenty’s Plenty off to a flyer

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

The Football Supporters’ Federation’s Twenty’s Plenty petition launched last week and, while we want every last fan out there to sign it, we know some of you would like to go the extra mile too.

With that in mind we’ve had loads of flyers printed which explain why we launched Twenty’s Plenty. They are available free of charge to fans, fanzines and supporters’ groups who would like to spread the word. Get your batch today.

Of course you should still sign the Twenty’s Plenty petition which calls on clubs at all levels of the game to recognise and reward the dedication and contribution of travelling fans by agreeing an across-the-board maximum price of £20 for an away ticket (£15 for concessions).

By signing the petition you will trigger an automatic email to your club (and its respective league) which outlines your support for Twenty’s Plenty. While we think there are all sorts of reasons why clubs should back the campaign they need to hear it from their own fans.


The phenomenal increase in the top-flight media deal means that Premier League clubs now share more than £5bn between themselves. How many noughts is that, exactly?! The figures are genuinely mind-boggling.

The £1.2bn increase in the domestic TV deal alone means that every Premier League club could subsidise every single ticket at every game to the tune of £32. That’s the equivalent of £600 off each and every season ticket.

Aside from making football more affordable a cap on away ticket prices would actually safeguard the Premier League’s future income. Cash generated from away sales makes up a tiny proportion of a club’s revenue and astronomical wage bills can only be met if multi-billion pound media deals keep on coming.

Will those deals continue if grounds look empty, stagnant places? On-the-pitch action is crucial but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Full, vibrant stands play their part too. Look at the most popular sports leagues in the world – even the NBA and NFL – and you’ll see near capacity stadiums full of colour.

But anecdotal evidence suggests fewer fans are travelling to games nowadays and we all know the impact that can have on atmospheres. Away fans are fundamental to creating a great occasion as home supporters bounce off the noise they create and compete to better it. Without away fans football is a poorer place.

Everyone’s a winner

Twenty’s Plenty would be reciprocal so that all fans would benefit when following their sides away from home. Clubs would see more supporters through the turnstiles and think of all the additional income from those extra sales of pies, pints and programmes.

Twenty’s Plenty isn’t just about the top-flight though. Too many fans in the Championship and beyond find themselves paying through the nose to follow their team. Fans of League Two clubs even find themselves getting little, if any, change from a £20 note.

  • Twenty’s Plenty can benefit fans of all clubs – do your bit today from this link.
  • Still not convinced? Read more about Twenty’s Plenty here (see ‘More Information’).

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