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Wales at the Euros – Your Questions Answered

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The draw has been made and FSF Cymru have been preparing in earnest to assist as many Welsh fans as possible with the planning and ticket arrangements ahead of Wales first appearance at a major final since 1958.

Paul Corkrey from FSF Cymru met up with Lucy Mason the Ticketing Manager and her head of department Ian Davies two days ahead of the draw to discuss the possible ticket questions that  fans would be interested in once the Welsh allocation of tickets would go on sale December 14.

The purpose of this blog will be to update FSF members with information relating to the UEFA EURO 2016 tournament during the months leading up to the start of the event in June 2016.

We now know the draw and we are matched against Slovakia in Bordeaux, England in Lens and then Russia in Toulouse, unfortunately none of the three stadiums have large capacities and tickets will be difficult to obtain for any of the games. Some fans may already be lucky by having general sale tickets which went on sale last summer for some of the games but from December 14th to January 18th the ticket portal is the final chance, and aimed specifically at fans of the 24 participating teams.

Below we will go through some of the key questions that have already cropped up but you can find an extensive Q and A section here.

Who will get a unique access code from UEFA to be able to access Tickets?

Only to paid-up Euro 2016 Qualifying Campaign Gold and Junior members will be sent this code

How many paid up members are there?

Just over 14,000

Why is it only members and no other loyal fans who attend home matches or who have bought tournament tickets for all Welsh home games?

The FAW would love to be able to sell every Welsh fan who wished to travel a match ticket but the stadiums are not big enough, so they had to put a scheme in place to reward members. FAW created a membership scheme in 2010 which explained that you had to be a member to be eligible for the finals if we were to qualify, the cost of membership was originally £25 before being reduced to just £10 four years ago and open to everyone up until November 2015. Each tournament ticket holder had the option to join if they wanted to get tickets for France many decided to opt out, the benefits they got were £25 off cost of tickets. The line had to be drawn somewhere and 14,000 fans opted into the scheme, it was cheap and open to all.

Will all members get tickets?

It depends on how many apply but the fact is members are allowed two and there are only 6,000 available per game on average so many will miss out. For our three group games the capacity of the stadiums is low, this was not fixed or contrived it was just the way the venues were drawn. 

Why is it two tickets per member and not just one to make them go to more loyal fans?

This is mainly down to UEFA and the fact that if it was one per member it would exclude under 18’s from buying any. Once the application date is reached all applications will be sent to the FAW where the ticket staff will vigorously go through all the applications and then check through all the members to ensure that a fair distribution system is in place. Fans who miss out will have another opportunity to buy tickets for Wales games during March and April where fans who bought tickets during the general sale period last summer have a chance to swap or sell them back to UEFA. These tickets were originally sold when no venues, or fixtures were known so many just bought them and most will be returns. Some countries allow 4 per applicant including the Republic of Ireland and England.

Can I use a debit card to buy tickets and can I use the same card on multiple applications for example if I am buying for other family members?

It has to be a credit card, either Master card or Visa any application that uses a debit card to pay has a very high probability of being unsuccessful. UEFA don’t recommend multiple use of the same credit card as it will flag up as an irregular transaction. A second payment could be okay but no guarantee. Definitely not for 3,4,5 applications.

Paul will be available to answer any ticketing questions if you tweet him on @corkyfsfcymru, or follow him on Facebook either at FSF Cymru or Paul Corky.

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