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For those among you interested in bringing back the choice to stand at your local ground, there’s an important event coming up.

As previously reported on this website, the Lib Dems are to debate Safe Standing at their annual conference in Bournemouth which runs from 13th-17th September.

In order to get enough members to vote the motion in as official Lib Dem policy, we need to let them know this is a big issue for match-going fans and a possible vote winner.

This could easily become a major issue in an election campaign and once one party backs it, and others realise there are votes in it, you can be sure the rest will follow.

The party’s conference paper shows details of the debate on page 23.

We urge all FSF members and football fans interested in having the choice to stand at all football matches to contact your local Lib Dem MP.

Even if you don’t have a Lib Dem MP, local party members still get to vote so your effort won’t be wasted; we’ve had tip-offs galore from the party, this is something many want to back and we can help make sure they do.

We know you are a busy bunch, so we’ve also knocked up a template letter, should you wish to use it.

The FSF plans to have a presence on Sunday September 14 (the day of the motion) and if any members in the Bournemouth area can spare a couple of hours to distribute leaflets to delegates, please contact us on [email protected].

This debate represents a major political breakthrough in the safe standing campaign with all parties previously supporting the all seated regulation.

Elsewhere, David Cameron has stated that the Tories would be prepared to discuss the issue should they be elected, but nobody has yet shown as much interest as the Lib Dems – let’s all take a moment to make sure that interest is rewarded.

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