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World Cup ticketing guidelines

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and Supporters Direct merged to become the FSA in 2019 – so this page may contain hyperlinks that do not work and/or have missing files. Our archived pages are not maintained and will not be updated.

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World Cup Ticket Guide. The following information has been supplied by englandfans (the FA). Please note that you need to be a member of Englandfans for these guidelines to be applicable. Tickets purchased direct from FIFA are subject to different guidelines. The FSF has no control over this process.

The application process is expected to open on Sunday 6th December 2009 and then remain open until Wednesday 13th January 2010.

For this tournament, all participating nations will be using FIFA ticketing website to process applications, additionally payments will be taken directly by FIFA and tickets will be distributed in South Africa via the FIFA ticket centres.

Please note there are several key changes to the ticket application process since England last participated in a World Cup.

These key changes include:

  • Applications will be managed via the FIFA ticketing website
  • Members must use a unique e-mail address for each group application
  • Only one payment card can be specified for each group application
  • There is a strict limit of 4 tickets per household
  • It will not be possible to cancel applications after the application deadline on 13th January 2010
  • Once the allocation process has been completed, unsuccessful members will be able to pay in advance for tickets that may become available via returns.

A full ticketing guide is shown below, we will update this document as and when we receive further details from FIFA, this will include the link to the englandfans application page when available.

1. How will tickets be allocated?
The FA’s ticket allocation has been set at 12% of the Stadium’s saleable capacity for our group stage matches and 8% for subsequent knock-out matches. We have made representations to FIFA and asked to be allocated more tickets if any become available. We will update members if this situation arises.

The ticket application process for englandfans+ members will allow members to apply for one ticket per England match.

The ticket allocation for each of England’s possible games at the tournament will be dealt with on an individual basis, with separate ballots for each game.

Tickets will be allocated in accordance with the loyalty ‘caps’ system.

Please note: Caps awarded from August 2006 until November 2009 will be included for the allocation of World Cup tickets. However the 20%/10% allocation details shown in this section only include caps from this campaign.

Your current ‘caps’ can be viewed in the ‘my englandfans’ section of the englandfans website.
To maximise the number of tickets available to members of englandfans, people who have already secured England tickets through the FIFA general public sale will not be able to apply for additional tickets to the same matches through englandfans.

Additionally, if you have secured match tickets for another team playing on the same day as England, you will be ineligible to apply for tickets for that respective England match.

The Football Family
FIFA have set aside 700 tickets for the Football Families of each participating nation. These tickets will be situated outside the englandfans section. To ensure as many members of englandfans as possible are successful in obtaining tickets, we will again keep the number of tickets allocated to the Football Family to a minimum, indeed our football Family Allocations are far, far lower than the allocations made to similar groups by other federations.

As you may know, the FA is committed to providing a small allocation of tickets to members of our Football Family. This is made up of organisations that help with the running of English football.

For England matches, the football family includes:

  • England Players
  • The five FA Partners (Sponsors)
  • Premier League and Football League Clubs
  • County FA’s

The allocation of football family tickets is conducted by the FA and in most cases done so via a ballot. For example, Football League Club’s will be able to submit an application for tickets and will not be guaranteed tickets.

The FA also allocates tickets to the players and their families, however for obvious reasons this allocation is fixed and not done via a ballot. Additionally, the FA is contractually obliged to allocate a small number of tickets to our main sponsors.

World Cup Allocation sizes
We have yet to receive the exact allocation of tickets available to us for each match, as this will be dependant upon the venues in which England will be drawn to play. However, as soon as we receive this information we will post it on the englandfans website.

We would hope to be able to provide details of the exact ticket allocation per match and the price category split for this allocation shortly after the draw is made.

Englandfans+ tickets
* 70% will be allocated via the loyalty system, i.e. they will be made available to members with the most number of caps from those that apply.
* 20% will be balloted to members who have missed out on the 70% allocation. However, the members eligible for this ballot will be limited to those who have attended at least one away match and four home matches in the period between August 2008 and November 2009 inclusive
* 10% will be balloted to all members who missed out on the 70% allocation and the 20% ballot.
* No tickets will be allocated to members who have not attended a single match (home or away) in the period between August 2008 and November 2009 inclusive.

2. Tickets for Knock-Out Matches
Please note you can only obtain tickets for matches that England are playing in. If England are knocked out, you will not be able to get tickets for any other matches in the tournament through englandfans.

3. How much will tickets cost?

Ticket prices for matches, set by FIFA in US Dollars, are as follows:


Cat 1

Cat 2

Cat 3


Opening match (1)


$495 / £296


$330 / £197


$220 / £132


$77 / £46

Group Matches (2-48)


$176 / £105


$132 / £79


$88 / £53


$22 / £13

Round of 16 (49-56)


$220 / £132


$165 / £99


$110 / £66


$55 / £33

Quarter Finals (57-60)


$330 / £197


$220 / £132


$165 / £99


$83 / £50

Semi Finals (61-62)


$660 / £395


$440 / £263


$275 / £165


$110 / £66

3/4 Place Match


$330 / £197


$220 / £132


$165 / £99


$83 / £50

Final (64)


$990 / £592


$660 / £395


$440 / £263


$165 / £99


To cover the cost of administration of your World Cup 2010 tickets, FIFA have applied a flat 10% booking fee (included above) to all tickets purchased via participating nations.

US Dollar/Sterling conversions have been included for reference only. Please note that FIFA will be using US Dollars when processing transactions.

Source: Spot rate Wednesday 25th Nov 2009: $0.59 to £1

4. How do I apply for tickets?
Members will be required to access an online application form on the FIFA ticketing website specifically for our supporter’s allocation. Only englandfans+ members will be eligible to create an account in the FIFA system.

Click on the FIFA Application for (to be linked here) to request tickets you wish to purchase. The category of any tickets you will get will be based on how you fill in the form, so it’s important you fill it out carefully. The form must be completed by 5.00pm on Wednesday 13th January 2010 at the latest. Applications will not be accepted by FIFA after this date.

Please make sure you complete the questions on the form, and please note that due to strict deadlines imposed by FIFA any incomplete forms will not be accepted.

We expect all our games to be over-subscribed. If you fall into the top 70% based on the number of caps you have, you will be placed into a ballot to determine the category of ticket you are allocated.
If you do not fall into the top 70% you will be placed in an initial ballot to determine if you will be allocated a ticket and then a second ballot to determine the category of ticket.

Top cappers are reminded that it is not possible to guarantee tickets at the lowest category, if you are allocated a ticket in the 70% but only select the cheapest category you may miss out on tickets altogether depending on the allocation we receive.

We would ask you to check the individual category split per match as soon as it is made available.

You will be able to amend your application once it has been submitted, provided you access the FIFA ticketing site before the application deadline.

Once the application is closed, FIFA will pass details of all the applications received to The FA, we will then complete our allocation process in accordance with the englandfans loyalty system.

Once the ballots have been completed, FIFA will e-mail members their allocation result and deduct the payment from the payment card on each successful application.

It is expected that the communication of the results will be completed by the end of February 2010 at the latest. Please note that The FA/englandfans will not be able to advise anyone before this time.

Disabled Members
For the World Cup we will only receive an allocation of tickets for those members who require wheelchair access. Tickets for the wheelchair section will be allocated in accordance to the 70/20/10 split should demand exceed supply.
Those wishing to apply for tickets in the wheelchair section need to ensure they complete the relevant section of the FIFA online application form.

Those members who are allocated a ticket in the wheelchair section can also apply for a ticket for a personal assistant. Members who are applying for tickets for wheelchair access need to include the following details for their personal assistant on the application form
– First Name and Surname
– FAN Number (of applicable)
– Date of Birth
– Passport Number

All Englandfan+ members will be required to provide the following information:
1. FAN number and date of birth
2. Matches and ticket categories * you wish to apply for
3. Credit/Debit card details
4. Passport number
5. A unique email address that has not already been used by another member
6. If you are applying as a group, the Names, Dates of Birth, Passport numbers and FAN numbers of the members you wish to apply with
* Please indicate the highest priced ticket category for each match that you are prepared to purchase. If you are allocated a ticket, but at a higher price than you have specified, you will not be charged for this ticket and it will be cancelled.

5. How do I know that my application has been received?

You will be able to check your application status via the FIFA website

6. How do I pay for tickets?

Any tickets you are allocated, including those for the knock-out stages, MUST be paid for in advance. Payment will be taken directly by FIFA when they confirm any ticket allocations to successful applicants. No money will be taken before this date.

If FIFA cannot take payment on the specified date due to limited funds in the account, they will be unable to process the application and it will therefore be cancelled.

Ticket Refunds

If England do not qualify for games that you have bought tickets for, you will receive a refund shortly after the Tournament has finished. Full details of how this process will work will be provided to those members who are allocated tickets.

If you need to cancel your application, you must do so before the application deadline, FIFA will not accept cancellations after the application process has been complete

Advance Ticket Request Programme

The Advanced Ticket Request Programme (ATRP) is exclusively for supporters who have successfully been awarded at least one ticket but who wish to register and pay for tickets that may become available for matches played by England for the Round of 16 onwards, subject to availability. The ATRP is only for members who have already been successfully allocated tickets to at least one World Cup match.

If your initial ticket application is successful for at least one match and you provided a valid email address, you will be invited by FIFA to apply for tickets via the ATRP. You will be able to indicate the rounds that you would like to attend (subject to availability and to the qualification of your team) and will be required to make payment at the application stage for the matches for those rounds of the competition that you select.

The ATRP transaction does not constitute the purchase of a ticket. Your payment entitles you to and your Guests (if applicable) to be placed on a waiting list for Tickets to high demand matches. Should tickets become available, you will be contacted by email and/or SMS by FIFA to inform you that your Ticket request has been successful and you will be able to collect your tickets from a FIFA ticket centre using your payment card.

Please note that in order to register for the ATRP you must provide a valid email address.

If no tickets become available, you will be refunded the price of the Tickets that you requested minus a handling fee of 10 US Dollars per person.

7. How do I apply as part of a group?

FIFA guidelines state that you can book in groups of up to four members.

You will need to choose a lead member for your group. The lead member should be the first FAN number you enter on the form. The Lead Member will be considered responsible for their group’s application. Please keep a record of who the lead member of your group is.

Everyone in the same group can only select the same ticket categories.
If you are in a group the lead member has to apply for all the matches selected on the application, whereas individual group members can apply for fewer matches. However the matches that they do apply for have to use the same price category choices as the lead member.

For example: If the lead member applies for three group matches, each group member only has to apply for at least one of those matches.

If the members in your group have different caps levels which are split over the guaranteed application level, the following will happen:
– You’ll be linked with a group application number
– Members with the requisite number of caps to be guaranteed tickets will have their tickets allocated automatically
– The remaining members will be put into a ballot as one entry
– If the remaining members are successful in the ballot, they will be linked back to their group for the allocation of their tickets

If FIFA receive more than one application from you e.g. as an individual and as a group member FIFA will cancel both applications.

8. What are the Terms and Conditions of sale?
All tickets are subject to the FIFA’s ticket Terms and Conditions, Ticket Sales Regulations  and Data Protection Rules (together the “Terms”). It is strongly recommended that you read these documents and familiarise yourself with their contents. On the Ticket Application Form you will be asked to indicate that you agree to be unconditionally bound by these Terms, if you do not do this FIFA will be unable to accept your application.

9. Distribution of Tickets
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Tickets will not be distributed by post. Tickets may only be collected in South Africa.

Successful members will be instructed to use the payment card used in their application to collect all the tickets in their group. If the payment card that you used expires prior to September 2010, or is lost or stolen, you must update your payment card details via the ‘my account’ section of the FIFA website.

Tickets can be collected from the official ticket collection points in each of the nine host cities from April 2010. The details of these collection points will be communicated closer to the time.

Who can collect the tickets?

The lead member of your group must be the person who collects the Tickets. It is essential that they have the payment card used to pay for the Tickets as well as another form of identification (e.g. a passport)

Can all tickets be collected at the same time?
Yes, all group stage tickets allocated within your group can be collected for the first time you visit a FIFA ticket centre. Should England qualify for the knock-out stages, ticket collections will be processed on a match by match basis.

Please check your tickets upon collection in South Africa to ensure that the details are correct. Successful applicants are responsible for checking that matches will take place at the times and venues stated on the tickets. You are responsible for your tickets once collected. The FA will take no responsibility for tickets that are lost, stolen or damaged. There will be no facility to provide duplicate or replacement tickets under any circumstances.

10. Travel & Passports
South African Immigration Laws

Before travelling, members should ensure their passport is valid for their entire stay in South Africa. Full details of passport regulations can be found at

FIFA has indicated that they will carry out ID checks on fans collecting tickets in South Africa. Full details will be provided to englandfan+ members as soon as they are available.

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