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Extra Time!

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Hello and welcome to Extra Time! which is a bit of a cheat’s charter this month. Whether it’s punching the ball into the net, trying to amputate someone’s legs while the ref isn’t looking or (literally) moving the goal posts on fair play, it’s been a dirty old month. So this Fan Mail says you can shove fair play up your…let’s celebrate the game’s dirty rotten scoundrels. No one likes a goody two-shoes.

One of the most subtle and original pieces of cheating we’ve seen by IFK Gothenburg keeper Kim Christensen. They got a 0-0 draw and are favourites for the title. Who says what goes around comes around?

Some of the Youtube comments below the video are brilliantly moronic too – “what difference does it make?” ask the posters. Well, erm, the goal’s smaller. Obviously. Although maybe it wouldn’t make too much difference if all strikers in the Swedish league played like this.

Now you could argue this guy is the most outrageous diver ever but in the spirit of this Fan Mail we’d say he was the victim of an unprovoked and vicious assault.

Brazil’s second division seems to provide a lot of ridiculous Youtube clips and Ceara fans certainly have a beef with Parana’s Wellington Silva after he blatantly punched the ball into the net.

Hard to believe this got past ref Charles Hebert (very Brazilian) but it did. Given how much stick female officials in Brazil seem to get we’d also like to point out that lineswoman Ticiana Falcão actually flagged for the goal to be disallowed – but Charlie overruled her. Hat tip to Off The Post for that spot. 

Every Friday afternoon we post The Week That Was so those of you who visit the FSF’s website regularly may have seen this already but we thought it was worthy of Extra Time! Check out Kenneth Dokken of Odd Grenland taking a swing at Johan Arneng in the Norwegian league. Slightly mistimed tackle, that’s all.

After that journey into football heart of darkness we’ll finish with something that always cheers up the real football fan – hapless players scoring embarrassing own goals. Liverpool’s Champions League opponents Debrecen are the beneficiaries of an Exocet own goal here while this goalkeeper’s ludicrous behaviour is only magnified by some atmospheric Benny Hill music.

That’s all for this month but don’t forget to check the FSF’s website every Friday afternoon to waste five minutes of your employer’s time on our round-up of the week’s football news – The Week That Was.

If you spot anything that you think is worthy of Extra Time! don’t forget to let us know – cheers!

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