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FSF AGM 2017: election results & motions

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and Supporters Direct merged to become the FSA in 2019 – so this page may contain hyperlinks that do not work and/or have missing files. Our archived pages are not maintained and will not be updated.

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Football fans from across the country gathered at St George’s Park last Sunday  (2nd July) for the FSF’s 2017 AGM to discuss another 12 months of campaigning and propose new policies for the organisation on a range of issues affecting match-going fans.

Election of the chair

The first matter of the day was the election of the FSF’s chair. Current FSF chair Malcolm Clarke was overwhelmingly re-elected to the position. In his candidate’s election statement  Malcolm said: “I believe that the interests of supporters would be best served by having a single, united national organisation.” 

Malcolm also reported that the National Council has tasked the chief executive Kevin Miles with undertaking work on what a single national supporters organisation would look like, whilst emphasising that any decision on this will rest with the membership at a future meeting. 

Conference endorsed continuation of that work.

National Council elections

There were 12 places on the FSF’s National Council (NC) to be decided, with 13 candidates contesting. The following candidates were elected to the NC:

    • Dave Kelly – Two years
    • David Pennington – One year 
    • Dave Tomlinson – Two years
    • Fiona McGee – One year
    • Ian Todd – Two years
    • Kristine Green – Two years
    • Paul Corkrey – Two years
    • Pavinder Samra – Two years
    • Rick Duniec – Two years
    • Roisin Wood – Two years
    • Simon Magner – Two years
    • Tony Roome – Two years


The meeting then moved on to debate the following motions:

Motions 1 & 8: composite motion on Club licensing system

This meeting recognises the problems created for football clubs by negligent, incompetent or irresponsible owners, such as those at Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool, Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient and others. The Owners’ and Directors Test has clearly failed to prevent ongoing abuse of football clubs and the communities they serve.

Consequently, the meeting instructs the Board and National Council to press the FA and the EFL to introduce a licensing system for clubs. Such licences to require:

1. An enhanced Owners’ and Directors’ Test, to include, at least:

a) full details of all companies or holding companies involved in the club ownership, along with proof of their legal existence in the UK (this information to be publicly available),

b) the experience and qualifications of all directors and other relevant beneficial shareholders, 

c) full details of the financing of the purchase of the club,

d) commitment, by the owners, to support for efforts by supporters’ or other community groups to list the stadium as an Asset of Community Value.

2. The provision of a business plan for the management of the club

3. Proof of the availability of the resources necessary to implement the business plan.

Once the licence has been granted, and the club is participating in the league competition, reports detailing progress against the business plan, and other financial and management reporting as determined, shall be submitted by the club on a quarterly basis. In the event that the FA/EFL determine that the club is being run in an unsustainable manner, then they may impose sanctions.

  • Vote – Motion carried (following amendments)

Motion 2: Boycott of The Sun newspaper

The FSF requests its members and affiliated supporters groups and trusts to call on all retailers and vendors of newspapers in their area to stop selling The Sun.

  • Vote – Motion carried

Motion 3: Football governance in England & Wales

This conference notes that the Parliamentary Culture Media and Sport Select Committee produced two reports on the governance of football to which the FSF contributed evidence. It notes that, whilst there has been some welcome reform, much remains to be done to implement the recommendations of the Select Committee and address the issues raised by them. It believes that what is needed is further reform, not further inquiries and reports, and commits itself to working to that end in co-operation with MPs who share this objective.

  • Vote – Motion carried

Motion 4: Football agents

This conference recognises that there are extensive FA regulations to regulate the behaviour of ‘intermediates’ (agents) in football but resolves to consult our members and affiliates on whether further regulation is needed, and if so, what that should be.

  • Vote – Motion carried

Motion 5: Support for ‘grass roots’ football

  • This motion was withdrawn because it repeated a policy adopted at the 2016 AGM

Motion 6: Governance of the Football Association

  • This motion was withdrawn

Motion 7: Regulation of biennial meetings within the ‘Structured Dialogue’ process

  • Motion was Remitted to National Council

Motion 8: Owners’ and directors’ test

  • This motion was composited with Motion 1 

Motion 9: Professional match officials in the EFL

  • Motion was Remitted to National Council

Emergency motion: England under-20s

This AGM congratulates the England U20 squad and staff on their enormous achievement in winning the World Cup and proving that there is genuine, world-class talent in English youth football. 

  • Vote – Motion carried (following amendments)

Some of the above motions include alterations to their wording. Please see the AGM packs here for the original wording. If you have any further queries email [email protected]

Funding partners

  • The Football Association
  • Premier Leage Fans Fund


  • Gamble Aware
  • Co-operatives UK
  • FSE
  • Kick It Out
  • Level Playing Field
  • Living Wage Foundation
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