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Safe standing – Friday deadline to have your say

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

It’s a big week for safe standing as the Football League’s consultation of its 72 member clubs is coming to an end on Friday 24th January. If you’re a fan of a Championship, League One, or League Two club, now’s the time to tell them that you back safe standing.

The Football League asked clubs to respond to four different questions (see below) which relate to safe standing. If your club has publicly announced its response please let us know via [email protected].

So far we’ve heard from 12 clubs who’ve said “yes” to all four questions, including long-time backers Derby County and Peterborough United. However, that still leaves many, many clubs with a decision to make, and it’s a decision that you should try and influence.

Supporters shouldn’t rest on their laurels and presume that clubs will return a positive verdict on safe standing. They must do their bit.

One club Chairman even contacted an FSF member to say they weren’t aware the consultation was taking place. Emails from their own club’s fans might alert club officials and help convince them that this is a choice the majority of fans back.

Tell your club to say “yes” to the four questions:

  1. Should the Football League approach the minister for sport to request that the ‘all-seater’ stadia requirement for Championship clubs be reviewed with a view to the re-introduction of standing accommodation?
  2. Should the Football League approach the Sports Grounds Safety Authority to request that rail seating products be licensed in Football League grounds?
  3. Should clubs be permitted to accommodate supporters in rail seating in the Championship?
  4. Should clubs be permitted to revert from seating to standing accommodation in League One and League Two following relegation from the Championship?

Make your case – the arguments for safe standing

There are many arguments for safe standing – most fans back the choice to sit or stand, standing helps improve atmospheres, it can be done safely, and it could even help bring ticket prices down at some clubs.

Clubs are more inclined to listen to their own fans, your opinion carries weight, and it’s worth spending a few minutes outlining your support.

If you’re stuck for words though, there are a few simple points you could copy from this page which outlines why the FSF supports safe standing.

There’s also tons more information on the FSF Safe Standing Campaign pages including a Safe Standing Mythbuster (invaluable for responding to misunderstandings and misconceptions).

If your club gets back with a question/point you don’t know the answer to, please do contact us via [email protected]. We’re pretty sure we’ll know the answer as similar things pop up repeatedly, and we’re happy to help with your reply.

  • ACTION: Whether you’re an individual fan, group, fanzine, or blog, you should make your voice heard. Time is short, don’t wait until tomorrow – tell your club to say  “yes” to all four questions via your Supporter Liaison Officer here.

Image – rail seats at Hannover.

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