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Uefa calls for stronger FA in PL power struggle

This is a story from the FSF archive – the FSF and SD merged to become the FSA in 2019.

Uefa has urged the government to step into the “turf wars” between the Football Association and Premier League and introduce laws giving the FA significantly increased powers.

While the government has in the past given sports the autonomy to run themselves Uefa has called for a single governing body to run the game and called into question the development of breakaway leagues – something which can only be interpreted as a direct criticism of the Premier League.

The European governing body’s views come in a submission to the all-party parliamentary football group which is carrying out a review of football’s governance and is expected to report back in the coming months.

“It is the experience across European football and sport that, almost without exception, breakaway leagues do not help the development of the sport as a whole (although they may benefit a small interest group),” says Uefa’s submission.

“The national association should retain overall control in order to ensure balanced development of the sport in question. Uefa is of the view that there is (and should be) a single governing body responsible for English football and that is the Football Association.

However, the FA did not escape criticism as concern is also expressed over the lack of fan, manager, player, referee, and even agent representation, within the FA’s organisational structure. This leads to an overly commercial approach, with too much focus on “football-political issues and less on football issues,” says Uefa’s report.

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